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System Name: Gem State Water – Spirit Lake East

Important Information about the Depressurization Event on 8/15/2023 at Spirit Lake East

A portion of our water system experienced depressurization on 8/15/2023 due to a mainline rupture due to excavation in the area. All service has been restored. We would like you to know that the system is chlorinated, lines have been flushed, and bacteria tests collected from our water system have all been returned ABSENT of coliforms and e-coli.

*Please remember that if a repair is completed after the business hours of our water testing facility, we will not be able to turn in a water sample until the next day. All water samples are tested, and results are made available to us in approximately 24hrs. This specific repair was completed after normal business hours on 8/15/23 so samples were not turned into our testing site until 8/16/23, which starts the 24hr clock for them to get us results in return.  We here at Gem State water are at the mercy of waiting for your test results along with our customers.  We update our customers the moment we get results back from the lab. Thank you for your patience in these matters. 

Your water is safe to drink.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our drinking water, please contact Gem State at www.gemstate-water.com, or by phone at 1.877.755.9287.

Thank you for being a valued Gem State Customer.

Distributed: 8/17/2022

By: Gem State Water

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