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2020/2021 Newsletter

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Spring/Summer Check List

  • Clear yard waste and growth 6’x6’ around meter. Keep clear to assist field technicians in times of reading, assessment, or repair. 

  • Schedule Backflow testing and turn in result before July 1 2021 if you have an automatic sprinkler, animal watering system, and/or cistern. Non-compliant accounts may have interruptions in service.  Standard rates apply.

Fall/Winter Check List

  • Clear yard waste and growth 6’x6’ around meter.

  • Locate the water shut off valve on your house in the event of frozen pipes. Do NOT turn off the meter. The account holder is financially responsible for damages caused by anyone outside of water district employees.

  • Leave snow over the meter box. It is a natural insulation that prevents the meter from freezing. Keep house insulation and yard waste out of the meter boxes to prevent ice from forming on the meter.

  • Update any contact information that has changed in the past year. New phone numbers, email addresses, and expired credit cards used in autopay are common items in need of updating. If we do not have current information for your account, we may not be able to reach you in an emergency.