Diamond Bar Outage 8/7/2022

System Name: Gem State Water -Diamond Bar

Important Information about Depressurization Event on 8/7/2022 at Diamond Bar

Your water system experienced depressurization on 8/7/2022 due to a traffic accident that knocked out line power. We are working to get your power restored using mobile back up power generation as Kootenai Electric is now estimating their repair to be completed closer to 10 pm.

When service is restored We would like you to know that the system will be flushed, and bacteria tests will be collected from the water system.

Because your health is important to us, we want to explain in greater detail the steps we have and will continue to take to protect our water supply during a depressurization event.  We would also like to inform you of the measures you may choose to take to protect your health should another pressure loss event occur. 

Even well designed and operated water systems such as ours may experience pressure loss (depressurization events) from time to time.  When a significant pressure loss occurs, there is a potential for back flow or cross connection contamination to occur in the water system’s distribution system, thus initiating an opportunity for contaminants to be drawn into the drinking water supply. We have done our best to limit this potential through the implementation of our cross-connection control program.

While we have established these preventative measures to significantly diminish the potential for contamination, it is not possible for any public drinking water system to completely rule out the potential for contamination during a depressurization event.   This potential for the introduction of microbial and chemical contaminants into the water system may pose a special health risk for people with weakened immune systems (immuno-compromised persons), children and the elderly.  If such contamination were to occur it may cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, headaches, or other symptoms. 

If you are concerned about the potential for contamination due to a depressurization event, please consume bottled water. (Boiling your water may not be an effective method to ensure that you are protected from all potential contamination).

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our drinking water, please contact Gem State at www.gemstate-water.com, or by phone at 1.877.755.9287.

Thank you for being a valued Gem State Customer.

Distributed: 8.7.2022

By: Gem State Water

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