Scheduled Outage Bitterroot Customers 12/2/2021

Dear Customer,

As you might be aware, we have been upgrading some components of your water system. Often times this requires a service interruption.

This week we are working on the backup power generation system, more specifically we will be installing an automatic transfer switch so that when there is an area wide power outage you no longer will need to wait for a field tech to kick on the generator! An automatic transfer switch senses the power drop and immediately fires up the backup power generation that will run the booster pumps to provide continued pressure to the distribution system.

The service interruption scheduled for Thursday December 2nd will last for approximately 1 hour in the morning to occur after 9 A.M. and for 1 hour in the afternoon (time unknown).

We appreciate your patience, understanding and ongoing partnership as we manage through these system upgrades together.


The Gem State Water Team

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